Born in 1982. Currently lives and works in NJ and NY.

 Arturo is a disabled Army veteran who served in Iraqi Freedom. After parting from the military he attended New York Film Academy for the one year filmmaking program in 2005-2006. Since then he has traveled across the country from NY to Miami, Atlanta, Texas, and LA shooting music videos and becoming an editor for MTV networks in the US. His passion for photography began at an early age as a child, always intrigued by family photos. Since grammar school he began carrying around a disposable camera all the way through high school and into his Army days documenting his friends and adventures from crazy late night parties all the way to the desserts of Iraq. Arturo decided to pursue photography professionally. He uses many film formats from Polaroids, film, disposable cameras, and his Canon DSLR. He holds a photography certificate from NYFA and maintains and active studio.